Green Wing

May 24, 2006

Full Cast in Drag!

This is one of the finest gems of British Television. At least one of my personal favorites. Although the 1st season ( 1 hour ) specials premiered on channel 4 (UK) in 2004, i caught it only last month on Arts Central (Singapore). Alas, we bid farewell to Green Wing this Tuesday, as we approach the final episode of the 1st season.

Tamsin Greig as Dr. Caroline Todd - Surgical Registrar  Caroline                                                                  

Julian Rhind -Tutt as Dr. 'Mac' Macartney   Mac

last week:On dinner date with Martin ( slightly out of point but bittersweet) Caroline confesses "I love you Mac" 

Here are some Quotes from Season 1 Ep 01:CAROLINE : Mind you, I did have a rather disturbing lesbian dream.
MAC : Would you like to talk about that? At all?
ALAN: (to Caroline) : Come on, hang on now. The doctors aren't mad, that certainly wouldn't be allowed, not at my level. MAC : Ooh, er, any news on that other thing?
ALAN : What other thing?
MAC : Whether or not moustaches are back in fashion yet. No? No news? You'll keep me posted? Good.
CAROLINE : Can you do a sort of three quarters profile? My hair's not really enjoying a full-frontal approach.

GUY : Two things women want : money and protection.
MARTIN : Ah, well, I've got a helmet and a credit card.

GUY : Fucking Mac. I know he gets to the fucking canteen before me, and he takes all the fucking jelly and hides it, because he knows I fucking like it.

MAC : Martin, is this your signature?
MAC : Ah. Can't really do smiley faces on death certificates. Could look a little insensitive.

Will leave on a positive note, can't wait for Little Britain!